Enhancement: Table of Contents?

From: Martin R. Bartels (mbartels@coloradomtn.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 12:23:07 EDT

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    AbiWord Community,

    I'm using AbiWord for all my word processing, as it generates good ".doc" or
    ".rtf" files, and thus is sharable with Word at work, small for home, ....

    I've tried to go to the website for "future features," and seen the matrix.
    Somehow, I suspect I'm missing it, but is there / will there be an item for
    inserting a "table of contents" (gathered from "heading" and "numbered
    heading" tags, complete with page numbers, and perhaps even hypertext

    Right now, for me, this is the most important feature to go into a future
    release. For a document with a significant number of headings, this is a
    big hassle to do "by hand".

    Anyway, thanks for listening, and thanks for a great product!


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