Re: Abiword 1.0.2 won't start

From: Greg Heilers (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 22:24:53 EDT

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    --- Devon Scott <> wrote:
    > I just upgraded from version to 1.0.2 by
    > rpm. I'm running redhat
    > 7.3
    > The upgrade goes fine, no error messages. When I
    > try to run abiword I get a
    > message about not being able to add fonts to the x
    > server. I click ok, the
    > abiword splash screen pops up for a second, then
    > disappears and abiword
    > stops loading.
    > I checked the font path and the abiword fonts
    > directory is already there. I
    > restarted the x font server, and did a complete
    > reboot, but the same thing
    > happens.
    > Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
    > Thanks in advance

    Hello there,

    I think this is a VERY common problem with the new
    verson. Here is how I fixed mine (with the great help
    from the group gurus----Thanks guys!).

    First, delete your ~/.AbiSuite directory. There seems
    to be a conflict with the "older version" configuration
    as compared to 1.0.2. I did not actually delete mine,
    but simply re-named it:

    mv ~/.AbiSuite ~/.AbiSuite.old

    Now, my AbiWord would successfully launch, and
    "rebuild" the .AbiSuite directory, when it couldn't
    "find" it in my home directory.

    The "font-error" message will still pop up, so now...

    In AbiWord, click on:

         Preference Schemes

    and then un-check the "Show font warning at start up"

    This solved all my troubles, and hopefully it will
    work with you, as well...

    Greg Heilers

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