Re: installation of AbiWord 1.0 in RedHat fails >:-(

From: Witold Skrzynski (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 09:43:13 EDT

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    Polish characters looked correct in printing and "print preview"
    window just after installing abiword-gnome-i686 and abiword-fonts-
    noarch rpm's, without any additional steps.

    Still polish characters were not displayed correctly on screen. After
    changing all occurences of "iso8859-1" to "iso8859-2" in file
    "/usr/share/AbiSuite/fonts/fonts.dir" for all listed fonts the problem
    was gone and now I have Polish characters both on screen and on

    So if the above change helped, that means I am using AbiWord's
    fonts, am I right ? And the fonts listed in AbiWord's font selection
    box have the same names as listed in
    "/usr/share/AbiSuite/fonts/fonts.dir", and I didn't make any effort to
    use RedHat's fonts - I didn't copy them anywhere, neither created
    "locale.u2g" file.

    The command in the "print" window is simply "lpr", without any
    filtering. I print on Xerox DocuPrint P1210 installed as a HP
    LaserJet 4.

    I am not a Linux expert and I don't really know why it works, but it

    Witek Skrzynski
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