Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 07:10:39 EDT

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    I use bindos98 too, and I have configurated Freepdf to convert anything to PDF. I recomend you the page: to configuration of ghostscript,freepdf and redmon...

    Or If you like I can pass you an archive that I made with all process of configuration saved with InstallRite. It is an executable that I use to repeat all the process in others computers only clicking the instalation, and thatīs all.
    The file havenīt got any viruses, I can sure it (so far).

    I am in the same situation that Witek, any distribution configures my soundcard, redcard, tv card,cdrw writer, webcam, modem... and I donīt Know how to compile the kernel, therefore I canīt say bye Bindos98.

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