Re: installation of AbiWord 1.0 in RedHat fails >:-(

From: January Weiner 3 (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 07:01:21 EDT

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    > So you say, your ISO-8859-2 (Polish) characters look correctly in
    > abiword's print? If so, it would be fantastic!

    Well, I have finally downloaded 1.0, but did not manage to get polish
    national characters in print even using the old kludge with manual
    instalation of latin2 fonts in the AbiSuite/fonts directory (modifying
    fonts.dir etc.; this basically means that by installing Abiword 1.0 I broke
    something that was already working). Besides, exporting or importing of
    RTFs containing polish national characters never worked for me, and, since
    this capability is crucial for me, after lots of tries I finally gave up.
    I don't know what exactly I'm doing wrong, nor whether it is something that
    can be made to work.

    I have been using Linux succesfully for more then four years right now, so
    that I'm inclined to think it's not because I'm too stupid or I can't do
    basic things. Well. Whatever. Anybody knows how to fix those things?

    Best regards,

    W ogóle robienie czegokolwiek dla przyjemności
    potwornie minimalizuje przyjemność płynącą z robienia tego czegoś [ MK ]

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