Re: installation of AbiWord 1.0 in RedHat fails >:-(

From: Bronislaw Baraniecki (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 05:46:07 EDT

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    ---Reply to mail from Witold Skrzynski about installation of AbiWord 1.0 in RedHat fails >:-(

    > ISO-8859-2 (Polish) characters are not displayed correctly in the main window,
    > but they look correct in print preview and in print. I've had similar problems
    > with
    > other apps, so it is probably problem with X and Gnome configuration, not with
    > Abiword.
    > Spell checking for Polish language also works correctly.
    > Witek Skrzynski


    So you say, your ISO-8859-2 (Polish) characters look correctly in
    abiword's print? If so, it would be fantastic!

    The only diference, as I can see, between your's and my installation is
    that I installed abiword-gtk when your's abiword-gnome. RdHat 7.2 is
    common. Up to now I was only successful with adaptation of ttf fonts
    which look fine on screen. I also found at last the suitable command to
    make them print on a paper using "ogonkify -RS | lpr". Not all fonts
    look good anough, but most of them are acceptable.

    Still, in printing matter I prefer type1 fonts, but I cannot make them
    print correctly polish characters! At the same time all other apps
    (including StarOffice52) do not have any problems with printing
    ISO-8859-2 type1 fonts.

    So here is my great request to you. Would you, please give me an
    answer, wouldn't you?

    1. Are you using standard RdHat7.2 systems type1 fonts in
    "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/latin2/type1"? If so, have you copyed them to
    abiword system /.../fonts dir or made a symlinks?

    2. As far as I know, there should be a file called "locale.u2g" in the
    same dir where your latin2 type1 fonts are. Do you have such file? How
    did you make it? This is probably my biggest problem.

    3. Or maybe you just use original abiword fonts from a font package?
    This would have been a biggest revelation.

    4. What a print command you type in abi popup printer-window?

    I'm really very sorry to bother you so much.



    ---End reply

    Bronislaw B. Baraniecki
    Znać, że się człowiek nie na rozkosz rodzi,
    Bo z płaczem na ten nędzny świat przychodzi. (J.K.)


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