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Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 09:05:02 EDT

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    Bernie Dolan <> writes:

    > > There isnīt any wordprocessor that has got this option. When you have
    > > to print a document to bind a book, you have to:
    > > 1.- Put option "apaisado" (I donīt know how it is said in english the
    > > option to turn the page)
    > > 2.- Chouse two columns.
    > > 3.- Order manually the pages in several notebooks that after they are
    > > goint to be doubled and sewed: for example, if you decided notebooks
    > > made of 4 pages, the order will be: page 16 and page 1 in the first
    > > face of the first page, in the second face will be printed the 2 and
    > > the 15; in the second page will be printed the 14 and the 3 and in the
    > > second face the 4 and the 13....
    > >
    > > 4.- And finally, print.
    > >
    > Oh Contrair
    > The program Framemaker is a word processor (and much more) that can do
    > all the required formattng to print a book, and such things as make
    > outlines, TOC's, and such from the doccument.
    > The ONLY problem is it costs far too much.

    I think the point is that this is not the best way to produce a book,
    though it might be the one that is most suited to the least skilled.

    The free software community provides many book production tools, TeX
    for example, can easily handle the production of books.

    AbiWord is going down the right road in being interoperable with
    things like TeX, it already can output to XHTML.

    Nic Ferrier

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