Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 14:10:50 EDT

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    Is it possible a option to print a document ready to bind a book?

    There isnīt any wordprocessor that has got this option. When you have to print a document to bind a book, you have to:
    1.- Put option "apaisado" (I donīt know how it is said in english the option to turn the page)
    2.- Chouse two columns.
    3.- Order manually the pages in several notebooks that after they are goint to be doubled and sewed: for example, if you decided notebooks made of 4 pages, the order will be: page 16 and page 1 in the first face of the first page, in the second face will be printed the 2 and the 15; in the second page will be printed the 14 and the 3 and in the second face the 4 and the 13....

    4.- And finally, print.

    Someone understandme?
    I canīt explain in English very well.

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