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From: Bronislaw Baraniecki (
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 08:39:35 EDT

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    Dnia pon 8. kwiecień 2002 20:32, Bronislaw Baraniecki napisał:
    > ---Reply to mail from Alan Horkan about All words marked misspelled

    Hi, abi users and developers,

    I am not happy again. This time fonts do not want to PRINT ON A PAPER
    But first, to remember what was said a while before:

    > >
    > > Hey, people,
    > >
    > > I really do not understand what is all aboout. Before misspelling I
    > > need AbiWord to accept my language env and fonts encoding ISO-8859-2,
    > > letting me to write and print!
    > >
    > > Are there a real work around to this problem?
    > >
    > > Bronek
    > >
    > > Can some one please help this guy.
    > >
    > > i tried
    > > im lost
    > >
    > >
    > No one need any more. The problem with AbiWord fonts other then
    > iso8859-1 was finaly (?!) explained on <>
    > list. But what does it mean?
    > When I suddenly saw my ISO-8859-2 ttf-fonts in AW openned combo box, I
    > shouted EUREKA!
    ------------------------- cut ----------------------------
    > Fonts are there: thanks to magic name "SVGFontsType1" of
    > the new created dir for original abiword fonts.
    ------------------------ cut ----------------------
    > The magic name was posted on abiword-users list by Bernard Lambey
    > <> Great Thanks! to him and his other Helpers!
    > And once again: Great Thanks for Anne Parker, Gabe de Jong (as was
    > mentioned in lambey's mail) and Bernard Lambey himself for posting his
    > great discovery!

    ---------------------------- cut --------------------

    > But does it all means that to
    > disclose the sicrets of AbiWord configurations we have to construct a
    > new type of ENIGMA machine?

    It seems to be true.

    After having iso8859-2 fonts (ttf or type1) inside an abiword's combo box
    and please my eyes by theirs beautiful shapes, I could not find a way to
    print them on the paper. Instead I got only circles and crosses. I was
    experimentig with fonts.scale, fonts.dir, fonts.alias etc. without

    I was only able to notice abi claims after chrush:
    1/. /usr/bin/abiword: line 67: 25477 Interrupt
    $ABISUITE_LIBEXEC/AbiWord_d "$@"
    2/. /usr/bin/abiword: line 67: 25505 Interrupt
    $ABISUITE_LIBEXEC/AbiWord_d "$@"

    I do not know what does it means. I only guess that things are somewhat
    more compicated then I would wish for myself.

    Isn't AW a kind of God's (or Evil's) Playground, is it?

    I pray for good health and big money for every one of You, developers of
    OpenSource applications. I like AbiWord realy very much. I only can't use
    it. But this is also a case of any Eden, not just of young crippled

    Best regards,


    Bronislaw B. Baraniecki;
    Czuję ucho twe miękkie -- zgrzane przy mym uchu,
    Lecz go nie śmiem ochłodzić wilgotnych warg brzegiem,
    By dreszczem nieobacznym lub pieszczot zabiegiem
    Nie skłócić nabytego od zmierzchów bezruchu. (Leśmian "O zmierzchu")

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