Creating a sublist [was Re: Always about the lists]

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 08:37:55 EDT

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    > Be patient please but I've another silly question

    please make an effort to figure out and try different things yourself
    before asking. I will help where i can but i am doing this voluntarily
    and i have a life of my own to lead.

    > AH> create a list
    > AH> 1 list
    > AH> 2 list
    > AH> 3 list
    > AH> 3.1 list
    > AH> 3.2 list
    > AH> 4 list
    > How can I create a sublist?

    The Tab key is used to push the next item into a sublist,
    so in the above list, after 3 i would have been given 4 but i pressed tab
    and it became 3.1
    after 3.2 i hit return and was offered 3.3 and then i hit backspace and
    was given 4 instead (alternatively i could have used shift tab).

    Alan Horkan

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