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From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 17:37:01 EDT

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    it is a bit odd but here is a workaround

    dammit, the list numbers do not get exported to the clipboard or if you
    save the document as text, that is a bug.

    but back to your problem

    create a list

    1 list
    2 list
    3 list
      3.1 list
      3.2 list
    4 list

    then select the sublist and change it to a bullet list

    Hope that helps

    For the developers:
    (and i really should file this as a bug report i know)

    strangely this worked the first time, but failed the second time.
    when i say failed i mean that the sublist changed to bullets but jumped
    back in line with the numbers.

    and also very strange is that one of the times i did this then i did an
    Undo, and instead of getting back to a numbered list a got a list with the
    word NULL as the bullets.
    The redraw code on Undo/Redo is a bit funny, i think an extra redraw
    needs to be added somewhere

    vague very strange and not easily reproducable

    im tired and im going home, bye


    On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Stefano Zanelli wrote:

    > Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:27:59 +0000
    > From: Stefano Zanelli <>
    > To: Abiword-User <>
    > Subject: Re: Always about the lists
    > Ciao, Alan! Il 10 Apr 02 scrivevi a Stefano Zanelli
    > AH> try the tab key (shift Tab)
    > AH> reply to the list if it works
    > it doesn't work, meaning that nothing happens.
    > >>
    > >> I've created a list made in this way
    > >>
    > >> 1 bla bla bla
    > >> 2 blu blu blu
    > >> 3 bli bli bli
    > >> * aaaaaaaaaaa
    > >> * bbbbbbbbbbb
    > >>
    > >> When I press return at the end of the second line of the bulletted
    > >> list to be again in the numbered list, the cursor is positioned ad the
    > >> beginning of the next line and I'm no more able to "gain" the #4 in
    > >> the numbered list I think this is not correct. Ciao. Stefano
    > Ciao. Stefano - wmw -
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