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From: Chuck Seiders (ChuckS@Tux.Org)
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 11:32:17 EDT

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    I too am running Red Hat 7.2 and rpm -qa |grep abi*
    reply's with ONLY abiword-0.7.14-7 so I did :
    [root@matrix root]# rpm -e abiword-0.7.14-7
    error: cannot open Sigmd5 index using db3 - No such file or
    directory (2)
    error: cannot open Filemd5s index using db3 - No such file or
    directory (2)

    What would you try next?
    [root@matrix abi]# rpm - Uvh abiword-fonts-0.99.5-1.noarch.rpm
    abiword-clipart-0.99.5-1.noarch.rpm abiword-gnome-0.99.5-1.i386.rpm

    or do I need to address the 2 index error issues first?

    Is the order of the RPMs, as shown above, important?

    > First find out what abiword stuff is there, I used:
    > rpm -qa |grep abi*
    > Then use:
    > rpm -e abiword-0.9.7.x abiword-clipart-0.9.7x
    > abiword-fonts-0.9.7x
    > (The actual version numbers would be whatever rpm -qa|grep abi*
    > displays.)
    > I did it like this because when I tried to upgrade abiword from
    > to 0.99.x, it was giving me grief about installing an older
    version, so
    > I suspect abiword and rpm (on Red Hat 7.2) don't really play nice
    > together all the time and I wanted to make sure I got ALL the old
    > off before I tried to install all the new stuff.

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