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From: F J Franklin (
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 12:02:39 EDT

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    On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, leiF HalvarD Silli wrote:

    > Hi -- I am a new user of (X)AbiWord for OSX. I am looking for a page
    > with genereal descriptions of how to configure XAbiWord. Can anyone
    > suggeste a web page with information about that?

    Not yet a web page, maybe soon.

    > I am especially in need of information about how to enable
    > b) how to install my own (Norwegian) spelling dictionaries,

    Also available from
    (site's been down for the past week, but it's up again now :-)
    unzip & put in dictionaries folder in AbiSuite folder

    > d) how to change the inferface to my language.

    Make sure you have 0.99.3. Set the LANG variable in the Aqua Preferences
    panel to, e.g., no_NO.

    > How is one supposed to start XAbiWOrd? (When clicking on th eXAbiWord
    > icon, the only thing that happens [even if windowsmangar is not
    > running] is that a "configuration application" called 'XAbiWord' is
    > started.

    Make sure XDarwin is running, then File->New

    > In the preferences there one can probably do pretty much of
    > what I requested above, but I need to know the allowed arguments
    > plust other things to do.

    Don't really recommend changing anything other than LANG setting.

    Ciao, Frank

    Francis James Franklin

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