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Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 11:09:16 EDT

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    ---Reply to mail from Marcin Parzynski about national characters

    > I have a similar problem with AbiWord for Windows: all national (Polish in my
    > case) characters look fine when on screen, but disappear in printing (except
    > Arial CE). I
    > use Windows 95 PL, printer HP 600. Other word editors (MS Office, StarOffice)
    > work
    > perfectly in this OS/printer combo. Any idea? :)
    > Greetings
    > Marcin
    > 02-04-07 12:42:00, Piotr Biernat
    > <> wrote:
    >>> How can I get national characters (Polish in my case) in
    > AbiWord?
    >>> The GUI is perfectly nationalized but when I try to write
    > national
    >>> characters, it seems to me that I get ISO-8859-1
    > characters instead of
    >>> ISO-8859-2 coded ones.
    >>AbiWord uses its own fonts for displaying text (afm, pfm -
    > I sense LaTeX
    >>fonts here!!!) and X-window fonts for Gtk GUI (that's why
    > you see GUI
    >>nationalized). Try to copy your fonts into your subdir in
    > fontdir of
    >>AbiWord (i don't remember exact path right now;) and make
    > that subdir name
    >>like pl_PL. Then, if you change LANG to pl_PL AbiWord will
    > use your fonts
    >>as default (IIRC).
    >>ONE correction: in AbiSuite fontdir make a dir (or symlink)
    > names not
    >>"pl_PL" but "ISO-8859-2" (or any other ISO-, if you use
    > different
    >>fontsets). Sorry for that mess folks, I was writing from
    > memory, not
    >>looking at my home computer paths :)


    This Tips/Trick with a fonts dir name does not work on RedHat7.2
    machine. After doing it AW still does not find the fonts.

    Is there a real work around to make AW to use other then iso8859-1


    ---End reply

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