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From: leiF HalvarD Silli (
Date: Sat Apr 06 2002 - 18:15:02 EST

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    Hi -- I am a new user of (X)AbiWord for OSX. I am looking for a page
    with genereal descriptions of how to configure XAbiWord. Can anyone
    suggeste a web page with information about that?

    I am especially in need of information about how to enable a)
    Norwegian Keyboard Layout (perhaps related to Orobor WIndows manager
    and not XAbiWord?), b) how to install my own (Norwegian) spelling
    dictionaries, c) how to change the encoding (can one use Unicode and
    UTF-8 e.g.?), d) how to change the inferface to my language.

    How is one supposed to start XAbiWOrd? (When clicking on th eXAbiWord
    icon, the only thing that happens [even if windowsmangar is not
    running] is that a "configuration application" called 'XAbiWord' is
    started. In the preferences there one can probably do pretty much of
    what I requested above, but I need to know the allowed arguments
    plust other things to do.

    I repeat that I would like to learn about XAbiWord. I have also tried
    AbiWord for Windows, where I knew how to do a least d) above. I have
    nothing against it if anyone can explain everything to me on this
    list. But I am satisfied with some web pages, if they exist.

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