Re: 0.9.3 blocker -- more close vs. exit testing needed

Subject: Re: 0.9.3 blocker -- more close vs. exit testing needed
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 13:25:31 CDT

Paul Rohr wrote:
> While I think the general spirit of the current approach is admirable --
> thanks, Dom!

Me too -- thanks, Dom!

<snipped good stuff that said more testing is required>

> For example, I just checked in a fix for one glitch that I'm shocked that
> nobody complained about:

Thanks, Paul!

> Also, I'm still not thrilled with the net effect when you close an existing,
> untitled, empty document. What do *you* think should happen in this case?
> (I think we should definitely exit, but perhaps that's my "die, die" bias.)
> Currently, all that happens is the document number gets bumped up by one,
> which is very very weird.

I agree, we should exit, and the behavior is wierd.

I'm copying this to the users' list for their consideration.

> Does that make sense?


Randy Kramer

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