Re: installation probs

Subject: Re: installation probs
From: projectd (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 06:44:19 CDT

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Stephen VanDahm wrote:

> I have exactly the same problem. For various practical reasons, I have
> no choice but to use Red Hat 6.2 on my box, without KDE and GNOME
> >
> > Gdk warning ** locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C
> > Can not set locale modifiers

I've got the same problem on a RH6.2 system and posted a message a week or
so ago. Others have the same results on Slackware 7.1 and have posted
queries for help. To date, no one seems to have an answer. Until then,
I'm still using 0.7.14 because 0.9.X *doesn't* "just work." I've tried
both the static and dynamic versions of 0.9.2, but neither will work on my
system. 0.7.14 works just fine and isn't really a bad program so for now
I'm fairly happy.


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