Re: Request for advice - how to obtain latest Abiword version?

Subject: Re: Request for advice - how to obtain latest Abiword version?
From: Jesper Skov (
Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 05:26:23 CDT

>>>>> "John" == John Selby <> writes:

John> I'd be grateful for advice on how to obtain the latest Windows
John> build of AbiWord for Windows.

John> I downloaded version 0.7.14-2 from the web site a few days ago
John> and was very impressed with this great piece of software.

John> Would like to think it could provide what our voluntary group is
John> looking for. We teach older people how to use computers, and
John> have much difficulty in keeping up with all the various flavours
John> of constantly changing Microsoft packages that people have on
John> their computers - producing instruction manuals is a nightmare.
John> If AbiWord proves to be suitable we could give it away to all
John> our elderly students and write an instruction manual for it
John> without having to worry about what other software they have for
John> word processing.

May I suggest you join the documentation mailing list at

You may be able to benefit from their work - and may want to help
them. Everyone benefits.


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