Re: compiling from source

Subject: Re: compiling from source
From: Andy G. Wood (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 03:19:07 CDT

Hi Simmon,

> Does anyone have any basic tips on compiling AbiWord from source code
> (on a debian system)? I tried compiling from the upstream sources
> available on the webpage. That compiled for about 10 minutes before
> ending with some error messages I couldn't resolve.
> So I tried the sources from 'apt-get source abiword'. That compiles
> for about 2 minutes before ending with some different errors I can't
> resolve.
> Before I go into detail about the specific error messages I recieved,
> does anyone have any basic advice/rule-of-thumb for getting it to
> work?

I compile AbiWord regularly from the CVS sources using Debian stable.
The following might work for you too :-)

First get all the relevant bits using CVS:

cvs -d checkout abi
cvs -d checkout expat
cvs -d checkout wv
cvs -d checkout libiconv
cvs -d checkout abidistfiles
cvs -d checkout unixfonts
cvs -d checkout psiconv

Then build your .deb:

cd abi
make distribution ABI_BUILD_VERSION=0.7.15 ABI_DIST_TARGET=deb

Hope this helps.

PS. For the developers and all those who find the time to contribute, I
would like to add my thanks for what is an excellent product.

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