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Subject: Re: [ BOUNCE Non-member submission from [David Chart ]]
From: Alan (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 05:30:09 CDT

go to the ".Abisuite" directory in your home dir
edit the .AbiWord file and replace all instances of en-US with en-GB.
NB you may also have to change the scheme name from _builtin_ to
_custom_ or something else. This will only change
the menu items and tooltips etc, but you will also have to change
american.hash to british.hash if you want an
English spellchecker.

<bitter>As far as i know i have completely translated abiword into en-GB
despite what the strings status page shows
(1%) becuase we reused the en-US strings, and there is only a 1%
differnce. </bitter>

If there is anything else that may need to be translated from American
to English please mail me or mail the list and send me a carbon copy.

> How do I tell my LinuxPPC box to use en-GB, not en-US? At the moment, it
> thinks I'm American, and I want to keep an eye on the en-GB localisation of
> AW.

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