Re: Designing for style use

Subject: Re: Designing for style use
From: lee (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 11:18:09 CDT

"Virgil Arrington Jr." wrote:

> Gerry writes:
> >A few weeks ago there was a lively discussion on how to get people to use
> >styles, and how to get the most benefit from styles. One point that was
> >made is that it should be very intuitive for people to understand the
> >purpose of styles and how to use them.
> >

is it possible "yet" to set abi up to be used in three column mode for like
avery address labels etc. or is it manual deal for now..with i try to do manual
it won't let me tab to the column i want to use at moment plus i can't figure
out how to set it up to comply with spacing on avery sheets..

sorry if issue already raised but i could have sworn one release I'd tried came
pre-setup like that it was slick..


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