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Subject: using tables
From: Gerry Kirk (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 03:50:09 CDT

At 16/05/01 04:05 PM, /Alan wrote:
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> > Hi
> > I am a new user of abiword, but it looks like a great editor to
> > me. However, I miss (or just can't find) some features, so I have a lot
> > of
> > questions. I am running version 7.14 under linux.
> >
> > a) Can't it handle tables?
>Not yet, but there are some new features that allow you to do some very
>precise layout with tabs that hopefully someone else can explain.
>This feature is coming but the developers want the feature to "Just
>Work" and not to be a quick and dirty hack.

I am also interested in using tables, or something that can emulate them.

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