Trouble printing with TrueType fonts

Subject: Trouble printing with TrueType fonts
From: Bruce Mobarry (
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 16:01:42 CDT

Hi all,

I followed as best I could the instructions posted on the Abisource
website for putting truetype fonts on my computer (debian testing,
AbiWord 7.14). I succeeded at my home computer. I copied the .ttf and
.afm files from my home computer and tried to install on my work
computer (debian unstable, AbiWord 7.14). The fonts appeared fine in
AbiWord on the screen, but when I tried to print I received the
following message:

Font data file [/usr/share/abisuite/fonts//timebd.ttf] can not be
opened for reading.

I pressed on the ok button and received the next message:

Font data file [/usr/share/abisuite/fonts//times.ttf] cannot be opened
for reading! Did it disappear on us? AbiWord can't print without this
file; your PostScript might be missing this resource.

The biggest difference between my home and office
computer is that that I am using a font server (xfs-xtt) at home and
just the Xfree86 4.03 alone at work. The file permissions are 444,
owner root, and I added the abisuite fontpath to my Xfree86 4.03
config file. Is there anything else I should try? Do I need to use the
same fonts as in my X11 setup, or is there a ghostscript setting I
need to change (using Gnu ghostscript 5.50.)

Bruce Mobarry

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