RE: bogus document

Subject: RE: bogus document
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 12:32:19 CDT

jim> Now that i've got pspell working with abiword, i'm using it for
jim> more day to day work, but i'm worried about the occaisional "X is
jim> a bogus document" errors i get. so far i've really only lost
jim> personal letters and such, nothing important. and i can always
jim> open up the .abw files as .txt and grab text out of them to start
jim> anew. still it's a bit of a pain. any ideas why when i save a
jim> doc as an abw file and open it up later it sometimes doesn't
jim> open? here's what the top of current doc in question looks like

Someone submitted a patch a couple weeks back which indicated they had
figured out the "bogus document" problem. Looks like it's caused
somehow by the ignored words list that gets persisted with the
document. (My guess is that that only happens with libxml builds and
not with expat builds, but I don't really know that for sure.)

Workarounds (until the patch is committed):

* build with expat, or
* turn off saving ignored words lists, or
* manually snip out the ignored words list using some text editor (it
  will be obvious in the XML what to chop out)

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