AbiWord Aborts When Started

Subject: AbiWord Aborts When Started
From: Robbert Haarman (Robbert.Haarman@ucu.uu.nl)
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 13:58:37 CDT

Howdy folks!

I was very pleased to find AbiWord working straight out of the box when I
first tried it (that was 0.7.11). When 0.7.12 was released, I wanted to try
it, but it didn't work. This is what happens:

haven:~$ abiword &
[1] 13496
haven:~$ /usr/bin/abiword: line 68: 13507 Aborted
[1]+ Done abiword

It aborts after closing the splash screen and loading the main window. I have
had the same thing with every version after 0.7.11. I can't believe they
simply wouldn't work, so it must be me. What's my mistake?

I just download the binaries (tried both static and dynamic), extract the
tarball, then (as root) run install.sh. I also tried to compile the source
(0.7.12) once, and succeeded, but that gave the same problems.

Anyone who can help me out? I really wanna check out the new features.


All seems condemned in the long run to approximate a state akin to
Gaussian noise.
                -- James Martin

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