Re: AW crashing on a right tab in the margin

Subject: Re: AW crashing on a right tab in the margin
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 08:27:17 CDT

>> I type some text at the top of a document and then
>> want my name flush right on the same line. I set a
>> right tab (I think that's what it's called) near the
>> margin. That works fine. However, if I set the tab
>> right at the margin, the program locks and nearly
>> takes down the whole system. (Right now, after having
>> tried this, my program bar has black spaces in it and
>> the buttons had all disappeared until I hovered the
>> mouse over them. I went down to a BSOD after having
>> had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill Abiword, pushed space to
>> terminate the program and the system came up to a
>> workable state.)
>> Can anyone reproduce this?
> Dear bgfay,
> Thank you for helping me crash AbiWord;-)
> I did as you said: typed some text at the top
> (justified left), set a right tab stop, which
> I slid over to the right margin (using the ruler),
> and then hit the tab key. Whamo!

I believe that this is related to a bug that I reported
earlier. If you search Bugzilla for "tab", it should
come up.

A work around is to set the Format/Tabs dialog to set a
right-aligned tabstop just shy of the right margin;
6.499 works for my default page layout. Unfortunately,
fixing this bug will not eliminate another limitation of
using right tabstops to get this effect: If the margins
are changed, what was right-aligned text no longer will

I hope this helps.

Rob Campbell

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