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Subject: character styles
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 02:59:46 CDT

> Alright, I believe that styles do make for a more cleanly formatted
> document just as it's better to indent than to use the space bar. But
> there's one problem and it's one of the things left over for me from
> WordPerfect.
> I like to create documents with the title on the first line in a larger
> font, usually bolded as well. And so, in Abiword I choose Heading 1.
> (That the heading font is arial is a problem for later discussion.)
> However, I also like to put my name at the top of the document, flush
> right, in normal font. Here's where things break down for me in msword
> and in Abiword. To have text left and right justified in one line
> requires the setting of a tab stop near the right margin. (see second
> post for a bigger issue with this) But if I have set a style for the
> line, then I can't have my name in normal text because the paragraph is
> formatted as a heading.
> The thing that WordPerfect has always been able to do is to type
> something at the left margin, hit Shift F7 (center) type something in
> the center, and then hit Alt F7 (flush right) and type something at the
> right margin. It's very convenient.
> By the by, if I use styles in WP, the same problem (unable to format my
> name as normal text) occurs.
> So this is one barrier to styles.

Well, WordPerfect allows you to do this with styles. There are paragraph
styles and character styles. So first define the paragraph style for the
heading, this can include the tab stops. Then type in all your text.
Your name will appear in the same font, etc. as the heading. No problem.
Go to File->Styles, click "Create". From the pull-down menu in the
"Type" field, chose "character" (there's actually "character (paired)"
and "character (paired-auto)", but I never really got a grip on what
that meant - choose "character (paired)"). Now tell it what font you
want, give it a name, and voilą. Apply your new character style to the
text you want.

Word also provides paragraph styles and character styles as well, and
does a pretty good job of reading the WP file and understanding the
various styles in place (a better job than WP does at exporting to

Character styles would also be a plus, of course, in AbiWord.

Best of luck,

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