AW crashing on a right tab in the margin

Subject: AW crashing on a right tab in the margin
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 02:06:38 CDT

> Here's an odd one and I wonder if anyone else can reproduce it. I'm
> running Abiword 0.7.14 under win98.
> I type some text at the top of a document and then want my name flush
> right on the same line. I set a right tab (I think that's what it's
> called) near the margin. That works fine. However, if I set the tab
> right at the margin, the program locks and nearly takes down the whole
> system. (Right now, after having tried this, my program bar has black
> spaces in it and the buttons had all disappeared until I hovered the
> mouse over them. I went down to a BSOD after having had to Ctrl-Alt-Del
> to kill Abiword, pushed space to terminate the program and the system
> came up to a workable state.)
> Can anyone reproduce this?

Dear bgfay,

Thank you for helping me crash AbiWord;-)

I did as you said: typed some text at the top (justified left), set a
right tab stop, which I slid over to the right margin (using the ruler),
and then hit the tab key. Whamo!

ABIWORD caused an invalid page fault in
module ABIWORD.EXE at 0167:004286c0.
EAX=0000a6cc CS=0167 EIP=004286c0 EFLGS=00010213
EBX=00a2c630 SS=016f ESP=0089f918 EBP=00a3e8c0
ECX=00a68000 DS=016f ESI=00a2cec0 FS=50cf
EDX=ffffffff ES=016f EDI=00a2cec0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
39 31 74 0b 40 83 c1 04 3b c2 72 f4 83 c8 ff 5e
Stack dump:
00a3e7b8 00467a84 00a2cec0 00a3e780 00a2cec0 0046da87 00a2cec0 00000000
00a2c630 00000000 00a3e380 00a3e780 0046d7b1 00a3e780 00a28f00 00a28f00

However, the system didn't seem too affected (Windows 98se, AW 0.7.14).

Second try:

typed some text at the top, set a right tab near but not in the margin,
pressed tab and typed in some text that was properly aligned. I then
slid the tab into the margin.

the whole line immediately disappeared and the AW froze. Stayed on the
screen but didn't respond to anything. Wintop showed AW using over 90%
of CPU. DrWatson, helpful as always, reported that it had found nothing
that was "obviously unusual";). The process was killed easily.


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