Re: feature usage in my office

Subject: Re: feature usage in my office
From: Gerry Kirk (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 21:33:25 CDT

I agree with the comments on how useful styles *can* be. People spend way
too much time working on how a document looks rather than on its content.
That's one reason why I really like Lyx - you focus on the content rather
than on the appearance. Because of the way programs like Klyx works, one
begins to think of one's document as containing things like a title,
subtitle, headings, sections, etc. In Klyx, you can't press the spacebar or
the enter key twice in a row. The tab key is made impotent. If you want
spacing between items, you need to define the content according to what it
is - a list, a heading, a table, etc.

The second part of getting styles adopted is to have well-designed styles
packaged together for specific types of documents, i.e. if I like how my
document looks based on the default styles, I'm more likely to use them.

I'd love to see a wpro work like Klyx, where by design it pushes people
towards using styles. If the use of the space bar, tab key and enter could
be restricted optionally by some all-controlling system administrator like
myself, this would be useful, I think.


At 07/05/01 01:56 PM, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
>>--On 7/5/01 8:48 -0400 Randy Kramer wrote:
>Styles are invaluable. We need to get more people using them, and that
>means writing up a tutorial or FAQ or something. This will most certainly
>have to get done before 1.0 is released, and hopefully sooner.

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