Font Problem Revisited

Subject: Font Problem Revisited
From: gino peregrini (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 18:52:12 CDT

After another try at getting AbiWord to open, I still have the missing font

I've looked at the file which Sam provided the URL for. And I've investigated
my system more. Here's a more specific restatement of the problem:

I have two PCs that run off a server. User accounts are on the server and
mounted when a user logs in; programs are installed independently on the PCs.
Both PCs run RH 7.1; the server runs RH 7.0.

PC #1 has an Athlon AMD chip; it ran AbiWord fine with RH 7.0 and still does
with 7.1. It has 196 Meg of RAM.

PC #2 has an Intel chip; It has not run AbiWord under RH 7.0 or 7.1. It has
128 Meg of RAM.

(I don't know if the system info is relevant, but there it is.)

AbiSuite is in /usr/share in my system. I compared the contents of
/usr/share/AbiSuite/fonts on the two machines. They are identical. I looked
at font.dir on both machines; both are the same and have identical Times New
Roman entries.

I checked the permissions on /fonts and found that PC #1 was set to 0644 and
PC #2 was set to 0666. Ha! I thought. I changed the permissions on #2 to
match those of #1. However that didn't work.

I checked the permissions on fonts.scale and encoding.dir and they are
identical on both machines.

It appears that PC #2 has the requisite font and yet when I try to open
AbiWord, it says it can't find it.

I've tried opening AbiWord from the menu and from
/usr/share/AbiSuite/bin/AbiWord and AbiWord_d; the message "child exiled"
returns from the mini-commander.

I hope someone can help me. I use PC #1 mostly, so AbiWord is available to
me. But I'm trying to convince my wife, who mostly uses #2, to give up
StarOffice and use AbiWord.

Thank you,


gino peregrini

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