AbiWord and cp1250 (ms latin2) or iso-2 codepage and characters???

Subject: AbiWord and cp1250 (ms latin2) or iso-2 codepage and characters???
From: Damir Ujcic (ujka@email.si)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 15:36:54 CDT


I'm trying to use AbiWord (v 0.7.13) on win98SE Slovenian and have problems
with some characters.

Slovenian windows are using win1250 codepage and our specific characters
are (use iso-2 (central european) encoding to view):

s-caron ( and )
code 154 and (capital) 138 in win1250; 185 (169) in iso-2
z-caron ( and )
code 158 and (capital) 142 in win1250; 190 (174) in iso-2
c-caron ( and )
code 232 and (capital) 200 in win1250; same in iso-2
c-acute ( and )
code 230 and (capital) 198 in win1250; same in iso-2
d-stroke ( and ).
code 240 and (capital) 208 in win1250; same in iso-2

s-caron () and z-caron () can not type into AbiWord, nothing is rendered.

c-caron (), c-acute () and d-stroke () are rendered on screen, but are
not preserved in saved documents.

I also tried iso8859-2 (hacked) keyboard driver and iso2 fonts.
Then scaron and zcaron are rendered as iso1 characters on that positions
(aogonek and lcaron).

However, if I copy and paste iso-2 characters from 'character map' applet,
they are rendered and saved fine in AbiWord???

Also tried AbiWord (don't know he version) on Mandrake Linux 7.2. There
AbiWord simply disappears from the screen whenever I press some of this

No need to say that without support for iso-2 or win1250 AbiWord is of no
use for me.


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