Re: feature usage in my office

Subject: Re: feature usage in my office
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 12:56:55 CDT

>--On 7/5/01 8:48 -0400 Randy Kramer wrote:
>>Looks like your experience matches mine -- I love styles, but I found
>>few other people who shared my enthusiasm. (Even with all the
>>evangelism I could muster.)
>>I agree that it would be good to encourage more widespread use of
>We were just dicussing this on the docs list, and I was arguing that styles
>should be introduced as part of the basic AW tutorial. Changing the
>formatting of styles might be a bit deeper in, but I think we should get
>people using styles right away. They are just too useful.

Actually, Martin Sevior and myself have been working on a styles dialog. If
you use a Unix CVS build (or nightly build) you can check this out. It's
really quite cool and *very* functional. For those who don't run our CVS
buils, it's *very* similar to the MSWord 2000 dialog in both appearance and

Styles are invaluable. We need to get more people using them, and that means
writing up a tutorial or FAQ or something. This will most certainly have to
get done before 1.0 is released, and hopefully sooner.


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