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Subject: Re: Fwd: Feature Request
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 17:32:56 CDT

Committed. Thanks for the input.

>WordPerfect 8--at least the Linux version--and Ted (has anyone else seen
>Ted?!) have a floating panel from which one can open older files, start new
>files, access help and preferences and other things.
>The result is when one closes a file, the floating panel stays open. In
>AbiWord, one has to open the new file before closing the old one, or open
>AbiWord all over again.
>Is it possible to build such a panel into AbiWord? I find it quite helpful.
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>In windows, Word Perfect keeps the window open with a blank document when
>you close the last document whereas, if you exit the program, it will exit
>and close all documents. Although I understand the comments on why AbiWord
>was designed the way it is, an AbiWord document cannot really be compared
>to an Internet browser in that documents in browsers are normally to be
>viewed only. Therefore, the function of the browser software is very
>different from a word processor which is designed primarily to edit
>documents. I believe that the "Close" menu item should be distinguished
>from the "exit" menu item, in that when the LAST document is closed the
>software should either return to the start-up state ( a blank document,
>which is what most word processors do) or offer a short dialogue that
>allows the user the following choices: a new blank document, open another
>document or exit the program. I believe this would also solve the problem

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