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Subject: Fwd: Feature Request
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (raines@one.net)
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 16:21:44 CDT

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On 5/5/01 at 2:18 PM gino peregrini <gino@ghazalpage.net> wrote:

WordPerfect 8--at least the Linux version--and Ted (has anyone else seen Ted?!) have a floating panel from which one can open older files, start new files, access help and preferences and other things.

The result is when one closes a file, the floating panel stays open. In AbiWord, one has to open the new file before closing the old one, or open AbiWord all over again.

Is it possible to build such a panel into AbiWord? I find it quite helpful.

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In windows, Word Perfect keeps the window open with a blank document when you close the last document whereas, if you exit the program, it will exit and close all documents. Although I understand the comments on why AbiWord was designed the way it is, an AbiWord document cannot really be compared to an Internet browser in that documents in browsers are normally to be viewed only. Therefore, the function of the browser software is very different from a word processor which is designed primarily to edit documents. I believe that the "Close" menu item should be distinguished from the "exit" menu item, in that when the LAST document is closed the software should either return to the start-up state ( a blank document, which is what most word processors do) or offer a short dialogue that allows the user the following choices: a new blank document, open another document or exit the program. I believe this would also solve the problem above.

J. Raines

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