Font-Color Crash

Subject: Font-Color Crash
From: gino peregrini (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 14:15:11 CDT

Hi all,

I plan to submit a bug report but I can't get on the AbiSource server right

I had several crashes trying to apply color to text in AbiWord 7.14, running
on RedHat 7.1 in the Gnome desktop.

The first crash happened when I clicked the "color" tab in the font menu.

I reopened AbiWord and the file and tried again. This time the selection
worked and I successfully applied the color to the text.

The next time I tried to apply color to text, it crashed when I clicked on
the color-selector.

After that, AbiWord crashed every time I clicked on the color tan in the font

Any ideas?


gino peregrini

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