Re: Features V stability

Subject: Re: Features V stability
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 09:22:55 CDT

Ron Ross wrote:
> Randy Kramer <> writes:
> > Word 97 allows you to apply the style with the numbered list attribute
> > to any paragraph anywhere in the document.
> Yea, I realize that. But the problem I described was an export/import
> problem between Abiword and Word, in that continuing list created by AW
> were not recognized as such by Word, which rendered them as distinct
> autonomous lists. Subsequently applying "continue" in Word to each such
> segment of list works, but...

Sorry, I was somewhat off the point. However, if the export to Word
applied the appropriate style to paragraphs of the list, it sounds like
it should work (but I'm just speculating).

> I'm not very used to Word. But the option is there, in the "Bullets and
> Numbering" dialog, two check boxes at the bottom of the "Numbered" tab,
> "continue list" and "restar numbering". It's sometimes grayed out and I
> don't know why.

Thanks, I hadn't noticed that! (Aside: I wonder how the information to
restart the numbering is "embodied" in the list elements -- maybe there
is a style attribute that says "restart numbering"?)
Randy Kramer

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