Re: RTF conversion bug

Subject: Re: RTF conversion bug
From: Sam TH (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 09:11:49 CDT

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 01:41:05PM +0000, Virgil Arrington Jr. wrote:
> Speaking of RTF support, I believe I have found a bug (or at least a
> translation problem) between AbiWord and MSWord in RTF files.
> AbiWord uses 12 point type as a default. Word uses 10 pt as its default.
> I have noticed that, if I select an entire file in AbiWord <ctrl-A> and
> apply 12 point type to it (I'm using Times New Roman) and save it as an RTF
> file, when I open that file in MSWord it opens in 10 point font. Examining
> the RTF code, it appears that, if I use any size except 12 point, AbiWord
> inserts the proper \FSn code next to the text. But, if I use the default 12
> point font, instead of inserting a \fs24 code, AbiWord REMOVES all font size
> coding, leaving it to the program default. Since different programs have
> different default sizes, 12 point documents may not translate properly to
> other word processors, even in the ubiquitous RTF format. It might be a
> better practice to insert the \fs24 code, even if it is the default, rather
> than removing it.

Please file a bug on this at
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