Re: Features V stability

Subject: Re: Features V stability
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 08:35:56 CDT

Randy Kramer <> writes:

> Word 97 allows you to apply the style with the numbered list attribute
> to any paragraph anywhere in the document.

Yea, I realize that. But the problem I described was an export/import
problem between Abiword and Word, in that continuing list created by AW
were not recognized as such by Word, which rendered them as distinct
autonomous lists. Subsequently applying "continue" in Word to each such
segment of list works, but...

> Thus if you had, for
> example, 12 paragraphs and applied the numbered list style to every
> third paragraph, the third paragraph would be numbered "1", the sixth
> paragraph "2", the ninth paragraph "3", and the twelfth paragraph "4".
> Clearly, this allows blank paragraphs (lines) or paragraphs that look
> like continuation paragraphs (for example, indented and formatted the
> same) within a numbered list.
> This has advantages and disadvantages -- I haven't yet found the
> consistent way to force the numbering to start over -- I thought I could
> do this by inserting a section break in the document, but that does not
> appear to work. I would like to eventually see numbered styles work as
> described above, but with a way to force the numbering to start over
> when desired.

I'm not very used to Word. But the option is there, in the "Bullets and
Numbering" dialog, two check boxes at the bottom of the "Numbered" tab,
"continue list" and "restar numbering". It's sometimes grayed out and I
don't know why.

My 1 ;-)


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