Fwd: Lotus Wordpro format convertor?

Subject: Fwd: Lotus Wordpro format convertor?
From: John H. Raines, Jr. (raines@one.net)
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 07:49:53 CDT

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On 5/4/01 at 5:07 PM Nicholas Lee <nic-lists@plumtree.co.nz> wrote:

Is there any likelyhood of a lotus wordpro convertor for abiword?

I'm using it at present for reading doc format and its great. Once I move towards replacing my windows desktops I'll have probably a thousand or so wordpro documents to convert over.


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It would seem that it would be nice to add this after Ver. 1 (ie an enhancement). However, to cover all formats is an intimidating task that may be more than can be handled with available resources. Maybe ever. Making RTF robust may still be the best bet. The cost of converting 1000 documents vs free, stable, useful software doesn't seem all the great.

J. Raines

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