Re: Features V stability

Subject: Re: Features V stability
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 06:12:44 CDT

Sam TH wrote:
> What do you think would be a good user interface to adding lines
> between list items?
> Currently, AW works like this:
> If you hit return twice, it eliminates the new list element. In other
> words, RET-RET behaves exactly like RET-BKSP.
> There are a few possibilites here:
> 1. The second return could generate another new list element, leaving
> the previous new one blank. [ This is how the first AW implementation
> worked ]
> 2. The new return could behave like backspace, the way it currently
> does in AW and Word.
> 3. The new return could insert a blank line *before* the current list
> element, the way you describe WordPerfect working.
> 4. The new return could add another line to the document, at the end,
> but without a list header on it.
> The only way currently to insert the blank lines you are talking about
> is to go back to the beginning of the line the new list element is on,
> and hit return. I think this qualifies as definitely non-intuitive.

Word 97 allows you to apply the style with the numbered list attribute
to any paragraph anywhere in the document. Thus if you had, for
example, 12 paragraphs and applied the numbered list style to every
third paragraph, the third paragraph would be numbered "1", the sixth
paragraph "2", the ninth paragraph "3", and the twelfth paragraph "4".
Clearly, this allows blank paragraphs (lines) or paragraphs that look
like continuation paragraphs (for example, indented and formatted the
same) within a numbered list.

This has advantages and disadvantages -- I haven't yet found the
consistent way to force the numbering to start over -- I thought I could
do this by inserting a section break in the document, but that does not
appear to work. I would like to eventually see numbered styles work as
described above, but with a way to force the numbering to start over
when desired.

My $.02
Randy Kramer

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