Re: Request for advice - how to obtain latest Abiword version?

Subject: Re: Request for advice - how to obtain latest Abiword version?
From: Sam TH (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 04:05:50 CDT

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 08:32:08PM +1200, John Selby wrote:
> I'd be grateful for advice on how to obtain the latest Windows build of
> AbiWord for Windows.
> I downloaded version 0.7.14-2 from the web site a few days ago and was very
> impressed with this great piece of software.
> Would like to think it could provide what our voluntary group is looking
> for. We teach older people how to use computers, and have much difficulty in
> keeping up with all the various flavours of constantly changing Microsoft
> packages that people have on their computers - producing instruction manuals
> is a nightmare. If AbiWord proves to be suitable we could give it away to
> all our elderly students and write an instruction manual for it without
> having to worry about what other software they have for word processing.
> Anyway, I was unable to get past what looks like a bug in the package I
> downloaded, which causes AbiWord to crash if any attempt is made to change
> any of the settings in the page setup dialogue box, so I wonder if some kind
> person could advise me:-
> 1) How to use the information on the nightly build site
> to create the most current version of the Windows package (I see the date on
> the file setup_abiword.exe is 3 April, so the version I downloaded would
> already include everything in this?)
> I see there are some other files with later dates up to 3 May, but I don't
> understand what they are for or how to use them.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have nightly builds on Windows.
The files you see are for some of AbiWord's other platforms. However,
we hope to have nightly builds again for Windows in the near future.

> 2) How to make a "bug report" - I guess it is helpful if users do this?
> Presumably there is some way to read existing bug reports so that you don't
> go reporting something that is already known about?

Yes. That would be great. If you want to read existing bug reports,
or file new ones, go to

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