Re: Features V stability

Subject: Re: Features V stability
From: gino peregrini (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 15:13:46 CDT

I teach writing classes in a networked classroom as well as doing a lot of
writing myself. I agree with two points in previous postings:

1. Most folks using Word don't even know what format their documents are
saved in, and may not be sure how to select another format.

2. Most users of Word or WP use only the surface features and never explore
the programs capabilities.

I teach at a "technological research university" with a high SAT to enroll.
Yet these technologically sophisticated students have a hard time
understanding me when I tell them to send me RTF files not DOC files as
e-mail attachments.

I don't use many of the capabilities of Word (in my office <sigh>) either. I
also have Abiword on my office computer and have been using it in preference
to the M$ monster.

Stability is more important than immense numbers of features I'll never use.
But I was tickled to see headers and footers in 7.14. It's close to what I
want now; I hope it doesn't end up as bloated as Word and WP.


gino peregrini

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