Re: Features V stability

Subject: Re: Features V stability
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 09:58:04 CDT

Neil Timms <> writes:

> I'd rather have stability than more features but I think that the real issue
> is not features but compatibilty with existing data.

You make an excellent point here. I'm responding though to the problem
you encountered...

> I used 0.7.13 for a 20+ pages legal style document and found that is was
> easer to use than other wp for numbered paras (well done those who worked on
> that bit) - the problem came when saving to rtf so that I could exchange my
> data with others still using Word - no numbers on the para (I think now fixed
> for 0.7.14?). The issue in the end was was not so much in the use of the
> program but in the format of the data.

I haven't checked this in AbiWord for myself, but I know from having
created rtf and Word documents in either WordPerfect or through
SGML->DSSSL (with Openjade) that autogenerated numbers/letters in things
like outlines, lists, page numbers, and so on, will often _first_ appear
broken in Word (usually all entries are "1" or "A" or whatever the
scheme is based on), but if you then scroll through the document in
"Normal" view and call for a "refresh" of the document (I'm sorry, this
last function is a little obscure to me now, and I'm not on Windows at
the moment and can't check, but it's something accessed through the menu
and has to do with Page layout, or specifically with page numbers), then
all the numbers get properly incremented. I know, you don't always have
the luxury of telling your clients to fidget with the document a little
to get it to work. But, sometimes, when you've gone well beyond half
way, you can shake them just a little bit out of the MS Word daze;-)


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