Re: Features V stability [getting off-topic a bit]

Subject: Re: Features V stability [getting off-topic a bit]
From: Robin Turner (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 09:21:15 CDT

On Friday 04 May 2001 00:03, Neil Timms wrote:
> The hold of propriety software is in my opinion more effective through
> control of the file formats for data rather than the feature set of the
> programs themselves. Most users never use most of the functionality of Word
> but they do get locked in to using Word because of the need to exchange
> data with others who are also locked in to Word. Present users with a
> reliable path to exchange data and the features will be less important
> provided the basics are catered for.

Absolutely true. Few end users have any idea of what a standard really is -
they think if a lot of people use a format (like .doc) then it must be a real
standard (like HTML). Consequently, coders have to waste a lot of time
writing filters which shouldn't really be necessary.

Having said that, Abiword does a very good job on the filters front. I was
particularly pleased by the inclusion of LaTeX. Now that _is_ a standard.

Anyone who'd like to hear my rant about standards can view it at


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