Re: Letterheads?

Subject: Re: Letterheads?
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 04:42:53 CDT writes:

> On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 12:34:39AM -0400, Ron Ross wrote:
> >
> > It looks like what Nicholas describes is just the job for templates, no?
> > Dom has brought this up on the dev list, but as a proposal for a future
> > release. It's not there yet.
> Definitely, at present in Lotus the term is SmartMasters. Basically a
> Smart Master is a template with some ability to add Wizard like
> functionality. ie. asks for addresses etc. I assume Word has something
> similar.
> At persent we aren't really using anything like that, in fact our
> Lotus letterhead Smart Master is very simple. Puts a letterhead on
> every page, I haven't had the time to determine if its possible to just
> have it on the initial page only.
> If this sort of feature was planned for abiword here's how I'd design
> it. Some sort of layer (internal page view) which can be assigned a
> condition: "only on first page" or "not on first page." Latex has
> fancy marcos like this for page numbering and chapter start pages.
> > In the mean time, I don't see why one couldn't create a document
> > "manually", just placing necessary text and and graphics to produce the
> > letterhead, then save it read-only, say, for use when creating new
> > documents.
> Hmm, not ideal from a simple users view but workable.

Yea. Also, I didn't realize you wanted this on every page. Sam's
original suggestion of using AW's new header/footer feature seems like
the obvious solution -- again, for now, it would have to be saved in a
separate file, then opened and saved to a new one.

But hey, scripting is also on the horizon (in perl, for now)! I'm not
sure how it would work, but eventually you could create a "macro,"
assigned to button, say, which the simple user could just click to
produce the desired letterhead(ers) :-)


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