Re: Letterheads?

Subject: Re: Letterheads?
From: Ron Ross (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 04:25:28 CDT

"Dom Lachowicz" <> writes:

> >It looks like what Nicholas describes is just the job for templates, no?
> >Dom has brought this up on the dev list, but as a proposal for a future
> >release. It's not there yet.
> Actually, I have most of the infastructure in place already, and you can
> look forward to seeing templates in the next release. If you have a CVS
> or nightly build, you can do the following:
> File->Import

Yay! I didn't realize you were this close. So, if I understand you
correctly, one would "Import" a template into the default untitled
document rather than use File->New to start a document based on a
predefined template?

If that's the case, it's fine, as long as it's clear. Most wps go the
File->New rout though; in both in Word (95, 97) and WP, if you do a
Ctrl-N, you start a new blank document with the default template, if you
click on File-New you get a list of templates to chose from. I forget
what app had/has a distinct menu entry like "New from template" which I
find clearer. My downloadable version of WP8 for Linux has
"ExpressDocs...", which smacks a little of marketing wizardry (and pops
up a message about the feature only being included in the commercial
version :-( -- I would probably have a full version of WP already if its
character handling for anything beyond ascii inspired more confidence.
As it is, it really sucks when exporting to other formats. AbiWord has
saved my skin more than once.)

> This is a lot like File->Open but it won't save over / overwrite the
> current doc. So there's no need to set anything read-only if you use
> this, though you may want to anyway.
> >Just looking into this now (looking for an alternative way of going
> >about it), I realize that another feature that comes in handy in any
> >kind of editor is the ability to insert the contents of another file
> >into the current document. I don't see that anywhere in Abiword.
> I can try to import this sort of "merge" feature. It shouldn't be all
> too hard.

That would be great. You guys are doing a terrific job.

I'm going to have to learn how to use CVS to keep up...


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