Re: Letterheads?

Subject: Re: Letterheads?
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 02:26:59 CDT

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 12:34:39AM -0400, Ron Ross wrote:
> It looks like what Nicholas describes is just the job for templates, no?
> Dom has brought this up on the dev list, but as a proposal for a future
> release. It's not there yet.

Definitely, at present in Lotus the term is SmartMasters. Basically a
Smart Master is a template with some ability to add Wizard like
functionality. ie. asks for addresses etc. I assume Word has something

At persent we aren't really using anything like that, in fact our
Lotus letterhead Smart Master is very simple. Puts a letterhead on
every page, I haven't had the time to determine if its possible to just
have it on the initial page only.

If this sort of feature was planned for abiword here's how I'd design
it. Some sort of layer (internal page view) which can be assigned a
condition: "only on first page" or "not on first page." Latex has
fancy marcos like this for page numbering and chapter start pages.

> In the mean time, I don't see why one couldn't create a document
> "manually", just placing necessary text and and graphics to produce the
> letterhead, then save it read-only, say, for use when creating new
> documents.

Hmm, not ideal from a simple users view but workable.


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