Re: Bug status week 16

Subject: Re: Bug status week 16
From: Ralph Shumaker (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 01:50:04 CDT

Sam TH wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 03:36:21PM -0700, Ralph Shumaker wrote:
> > One thing about Bugzilla that irks me a bit is that the bug can be
> > classified as ALL (platforms, OSs, versions, or whatever) but if I
> > specify that I want to see the bugs for w95, it does NOT include the
> > ones that are classified as pertaining to all OSs. Now, I would
> > think that if I choose to see the bugs that pertain to win95, that
> > it should give me all the bugs that are classified as pertaining
> > specifically to win95 as well as all the bugs that are classified as
> > pertaining to ALL operating systems. I hope that this is something
> > that can be changed. I changed several options in an attempt to
> > find all the ones that applied to my setup. Each time I chose a
> > different option, it showed me a completely different list of bugs.
> > There were no overlaps. I feel that there should have been. Oh!
> > And get this! When I chose to see the bugs for ALL operating
> > systems, it only showed me the ones that were classified as
> > belonging to ALL operating systems. That's pathetic. If I'm
> > requesting bugs for ALL operating systems, it should include "all"
> > of them. I finally ended up deselecting anything that might narrow
> > the search down to less than what I wanted and therefore ended up
> > with way MORE than what I wanted. Oh well.
> Bugzilla doesn't know that 'All' is a different kind of choice than
> 'Windows', so you can't do your first suggestion directly. But you
> can just select "all" and "windows" and it will give you bugs in both
> of those categories.
> In order to get the bugs that apply to any operating system, just
> don't select anything in the operating system box. However, this does
> give you about 300 bugs, but there isn't anything to be done about
> that (except fix them :).

Thank you. My foot does not taste very good. :*<

Ralph (upstart Perl programmer)
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