Re: normal mode wish list

Subject: Re: normal mode wish list
From: Michael Leddy (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 13:52:18 CST

Hi Martin,

I'm not sure that I follow--do you mean that there are *more* toolbar
editing possibilties with Unix than with Windows? Or that there are no
editing possibilities with Windows yet?

If it is possible to edit the toolbars in Windows by changing things in the
Profile, could you explain how to do so? AbiWord would even better suit my
needs if I could create a single toolbar with the buttons I use (and free up
screen space for the document).


> Yes you can do all this by editting your AbiWord.Profile in version
> In fact in the Unix builds you can drag and drop toolbar icons anywhere
> you like including removing them altogether. I believe this will be
> implemented for windows eventually.
> In any case abiword allows you to as many or as few buttons on your
> toolbars as you like.

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