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Subject: Re: I need a teacher
From: Alan (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 15:58:43 CST

Hubert Figuiere wrote:
> According to <>:
> > looks like very few people are interested in the bidi- windows version of abiword
> > and if I want it, Ill have to make the build myself.
> >
> > and now comes my request: Im not part of the team here and I know nothing
> > about how things are done. will anybody guild me of how to build ? Ill
> > download the required compiler and the rest, but need someone to assist me in
> > the first stages...
> Can you please correctly set the date of your computer ? Thanks. That is
> really annoying
> To build AbiWord, read the file BUILD.TXT. It explain everything you need to
> do. BTW, that requires Visual C++ which is not a downloadable freebie.

For the financially challenged:

Allegedly there exists a downloadable freebie, just the compiler with
none of the Visual stuff. I suspect it is an urban legend. Maybe you
can find it in the maze of (actually if it exists it is
more likely to be in MSDN).

I got an Educational Edition of Visual C++ included with a Deitel and
Deitel How to Program C++ book. Its exactly the same except for an
annoying "You must register to get rid of this" (or something) everytime
you run a binary compiled using it.

There are other legitimate ways to get the use of Visual Studio, i just
cant think of them at the moment.

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